Thursday, June 30, 2016

#Ukraine - Opera Singer Shot Dead in Donbas: Vasyl Slipak quit French opera to fight for Ukraine: UKRAINE TODAY

Published on 29 Jun 2016
Famous Ukrainian opera singer Vasyl Slipak died in the eastern Ukraine. Local media report Slipak was killed on June 29th in a warzone, shot by a sniper using a full-bore rifle near the village of Luhanske at about 6 am.

He returned back in Ukraine two years ago. Having live in France for nearly two decades, Slipak became at first the voice of Ukrainian local Maidan in Paris. 2,500 km from home, he sang the national anthem of Ukraine symbolizing the unbreakable spirit of his compatriots and trying to show his homeland is suffering from invasion.

This is already a charitable concert, Slipak performing in a T-shirt with a trident and a specific Ukrainian patriot's haircut. The money he gets for singing opera artist gives to the children of the killed soldiers and finances the army.

In 2015 Vasyl Slipak told in the interview he has no moral right to remain in France, since Ukraine has to struggle with outer enemies. Before departing to the frontline he was awarded with a medal.

Vasyl Slipak was shot close to the occupied town of Debaltseve, while the Russian-backed separatist forces started advancing using the heavy weapon and mortars. The blood brothers of Vasyl' Slipak say his songs about courageous warriors have become his final prophecy

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