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Another Australian exposes on Delphi

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2012-01-26, 09:00:40
anonymous from Brisbane, Australia  


I don’t know to whom I should address this message, so I send to everyone.
I didn’t need to read your comments to know that Uadream was scam.
But it is so well made, it look so professional that I wanted to understand how it works. I wanted to contact some girls to ask them.
And what i found is quite interesting!

I decided to give away $60 (not a big deal) to get the video chat. So I can see the girls... and they are real!

No fake girls; yes the girls that are on video chat are real!

Here it start to be interesting:

in fact the girls that come to the local Uadream agency don’t see you, it is so obvious!
Only the “translator” see you on the webcam while you see the Ukrainian girl.
You usually get the answer from the translator straight away; it is easy to see that the girl don’t say anything toward you.

So impossible to contact the girl; therefore I wanted to know if the ladies were genuine or accomplice
It is not hard to find these girls; 80% of them are on vkontact (the Russian facebook)

Here a non-exhaustive list of girls that i found, you will notice that they use a fake name on Uadream:

Anastasia from Rovno
become Anastasia Ostapovich (has a boyfriend)

Julia from Sumy
become Stefani Reiner (not sure if she has a boyfriend)

Jane from Sumy
become Evgenia Dyuzhenko (has a boyfriend)

Halya from Ivanofrankovsk
become Galya Guzilyak (has a boyfriend)

Lenusik from zaporozhyie (my favourite lol)
become Lena Smiya (has a boyfriend)
if you read Russian you will notice that she wrote:
Kirill Gudvin
25/01 at 23:30
Ничё такие 3 дня концертиков)
Meaning: no such “workconversation” for 3 days (refer to my fake conversation to her the day before when I said that i would be away for few days)

And there is many more girls (almost all) that it would be too long to write here lol!

So it’s not only the Uadream that is scam! the girls are working for Uadream!
I am still trying to get in touch with the girls through vkontact to know how much they get paid, and so on!

But so far they all block me and didn’t answer

I assume that they might only get paid to be in front of a webcam, but they clearly know what they are doing!

Listen their video on Uadream and look at their vkontact profile!
I wanted to know if the ladies were genuine or accomplice! Now i know that most of them are part of that system!

Steve Salvesen (NY Porn star) and Thomas McKeveny are certainly the owners, Yura Filin-Filinyuk too for Ukraine part;

it is so well made to be done by Ukrainian (pricing made for usa, video chat....)
Interestingly, the girls “work” according to the NY time zone.

Easy to notice because on vkontact we know if the person is online or not; and these girls are all online on vkontact the morning in ukraine!

Then afternoon until late night in ukraine they “work” to correspond to NY time zone

You should collect all the information
Is it possible to contact Interpol or the FBI to stop that scam, easy to do for the FBI i suppose.

I hope it help
Sorry for my english
Note to Google - we are a member of delphi (RealMadrid) exposing scams and other members has requested that we duplicate as delphi is often hacked. Further the author was scammed by this company and he has reported them both to Interpol and the Governor of Gibraltar where their company External Holding (Gibraltar) Limited is registered.

It is interesting to note that Google often directs visitors directly to the Blogger´s site exposing the site. At one time Google was publishing advertising for this company!

If (External Holding Gibraltar Limited) paid Google to have their search results at the top of the page then if this company is found guilty of fraud so is Google as they have aided an abetted their client in scamming me and many others


pfigueredo said...

Thia is proof that is not only a translation scam. it involves golddiggimg. Perhaps an online brothel.

Albert B said...

could you give the url (link) for vkontact

john nichols said...
and in Spanish - en español

john nichols said...

I found this comment here

#116039 by Vostok Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:40 am
Hello everybody here.

And again, I will never learn....
Recently I visited UA Dreams and spent some money there (lots of money) :( . The agency is 100% SCAM. Be carefull.
These links say all for themselfs

http://itccommunicationsnet-johnnichols ... mscom.html


http://itccommunicationsnet-johnnichols ... td-26.html

If you however would like to try, you will see for youselves. Don't fall for this one. The visual appearance of their site is perfect, but beyond stands a liar, a thief, a traitor. I am so unhappy what these individuals made out of my beloved motherland. I would like to punish them, very hard and in very brutal way :yikes:

It would appear that the person is Ukrainian and it must be very disturbing for a person to find that this is happening in his own country

Uadreams Reviewer said...

Yes Uadreams scams scam is a terrible scam more info at:
Thanks all for warning us about them etc.