Sunday, July 3, 2016

#Ukraine - Brexit for Ukraine: Experts share thoughts how Brexit will affect Ukraine's future: UKRAINE TODAY

Published on 2 Jul 2016
127 billion US dollars is a price of Brexit for the richest people on the world. This is the approximate sum 400 tycoons including Microsoft founder Bill Gates lost at stock markets on Friday, as soon as the referendum results were officially declared. George Soros in turn gained a good deal on British pound weakening, since he has been providently obtaining gold bars and shares of gold-mining companies.

While the financial geniuses compete for large personal incomes, world stock markets tremble in fear. British pound of sterling's has lost more than 10% of its value, having fallen to the 1985 indices. As a result, European currency rate is 3,5% cheaper in comparison to US dollar.

All these boring financial activities could have been ignored, if the E.U. was not the main trading partner of Ukraine. However, since 34% of Ukrainian export goods head to the West, Ukrainian specialists express big worries concerning the issue.

Apart from economic problems, Brexit may postpone the adoption of visa-free regime for Ukraine. One of the reasons why London initiated the Brexit referendum was migrant's crisis. In fear of illegal refugees the EU may simply delay visa liberalization.

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