Thursday, April 28, 2016

La Paz - Tear gas & violence: 150 disabled Bolivian protesters face riot police

Published on 28 Apr 201
 Some 150 disabled people on a 377-km (234 miles-) trek arrived in La Paz to step up pressure on the Bolivian government to increase their current 1,000 boliviano ($144 dollar) annual stipend to a 500 (USD 72 dollar) monthly benefit.

The government has already rejected the increase, but the protesters are continuing defiantly. When they tried to march to Plaza Murillo, which houses the presidential palace and national congress, they faced off with police trying to block the protesters' path.

There were heated scenes after officers used pepper spray and tear gas on protesters in wheelchairs. - Redefining the Media
Bolivian police use tear gas on disabled protesters demanding a rise in state ... Disabled Bolivians face riot police using tear gas in La Paz after marching 144 .

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