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Inbox - Scam Alert? Global Finance Online Ltd, Briskremit. Was asked to loan 7,584 GBP with 200% return in 14 days!

So I did some research and thanks to Google found this link
After this transfer has been made to (note your browser will warn you not to click on the link) we can then transfer this onward to our off-shore corporate business bank account at ......

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scam: Global Finance Online Ltd, Briskremit

Be very careful if you are offered a loan and asked to open an account with
Global Finance Online Limited and their Briskremit service!

This company with registered UK number 03768746 will ask you to send
400 Pounds to "verify" your account via Western Union or Moneygram
to a person NOT directly associated with the company.

Global Finance Online Limited and their Briskremit service are saying,
that the 400 Pounds are going into "your" account and will be for your
use only, but they also tell you "not to panic" in case you can not login
to your account and simply try again.

Naturally you will never be able to login to your account after you sent
the money to a person not directly associated with the company.

Be also very careful if you receive offers to accept money for companies,
they might let you have 100 Pounds and ask you to give them the rest
of 300 Pounds. May be you can do this up to five times, until you get
blacklisted by Western Union or Moneygram and never may receive
legitimate money for yourself again.

Global Finance Online Limited and their Briskremit service-website
seems like a professional operating company asking you for your
photo and orginal signature to open an account, but in the NEXT
step they ask you to send 400 Pounds. Don't do this, even if an
other company like WFS Capital Financing UK register number
07090142 offered you to send a good amount of money into your
Briskremit account, after you have opened it.

It is the old game like: "We, WFS Capital Financing, do not ask for
any upfront fees to give you a loan, you only have to open an account
with our service provider."

And the service provider Briskremit then asks you for 400 Pounds
to "verify" your account, which would be at your disposal; but they
never will. Your money will be gone and no loan will be come.

And according to the latested companycheck Global Finance Online Limited
had 579 Pound in their bank account, so clearly they need your 400 Pound
to come over the next week...

Cash at Bank : £579

Cash at bank and 'in hand' is the bank balance for GLOBAL FINANCE ONLINE LIMITED at the end date of the period the accounts were for.

Net Worth : £-31,551

A company’s Net Worth is calculated as Shareholders Funds minus Intangible Assets. £-31,551 is from the accounts filed in 2011
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there was one comment on this page
I am Mr.Snajy Wagh From INDIA PUNE.

For me also from WFS Capital Financing company with the Company House,Cardiff, United Kingdom. Registered name is Winder Financial Services Limited

with Company No: 07090142 and our Trading name is WFS Capital
Financing. Registered address 23 Clayton Road, Hayes, UB3 1AN. loan is sactioned and according their terms sheet I also open on line account in brisk remit service [© Briskremit. 2012 - Avda. Ramón y Cajal, 1 No. 297 28016 Madrid, Spain Tel:+34 91 181 4201 (note you Skype this number and the answer is "the line is no longer in use" and the operator was American)| 55 Church Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 5DQ Tel: (+44) 0843 523 5992]
This is address on web site but after opening this account from brisk remit services customer dept's mail id
get mail that for varification of accoune need to deposite 1000GBP.
now I am afraid that because I am getting loan from WFS Capital Financing company,so I mail to Mr.Jozef Mikolaj
Investment Development Executive
WFS Capital Financing.
that as per your mail I have open on line account but for varification process they need 1000GBP So from loan ammount you can deduct and deposite 1000gbp in the brisk remit but still from WFS nothing deposited any ammount in the brisk remit so please verfy this matter and find out actual position is ther any frud plaese help me. my email is

More research and I found this webpage

Global Finance Online (GFO), the Internet "city" which links entrepreneurs and business people to providers of finance and related services, has added over 50 UK draft legal documents to its web site, and they are completely free to download.
(Note investigation shows The domain is for sale. To purchase, call at 781-839-7903 or 866-866-2700. Click here for more details. reference)

Documents include everything from a Guide to Management Buyouts and Draft Annual General Meeting minutes, to a full Draft Prospectus for the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market.
Free legal documents are just one of the resources offered to the business community by GFO, which was launched at the end of last year as a specialist directory for business finance. Companies registered with GFO already cover all aspects of Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Property Finance and Leasing with information on each company being accessed via a highly distinctive, easy to navigate virtual cityscape.

According to Director of Business Development Angela Adams, GFO plans to add further resources through expanding its cityscape theme and developing communities of common interest within the buildings themselves. "We shall introduce discussion areas, relevant news, content, and resources that are useful to registered companies and business visitors alike," she said.

GFO lists the services of such distinguished institutions as Chase Global Asset Management and Mutual Funds, Warburg Dillon Read, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Citibank Salomon Smith Barney, INVESCO GT, Dunbar Bank, and Nationwide Business Finance, amongst other finance organisations both large and small.

Systems Capital Plc, one of the UK's fastest growing independent providers of information and communications technology (ICT) finance to the business community and a prominent member of GFO says: "We needed a direct and easily accessible link to the business community at large - who, in the main are still unaware of the real benefits of ICT leasing as opposed to ICT Ownership. By having a presence on GFO's website the word will spread in the right places and the facility we provide will become an integral part of any businesses IT acquisition strategy."

Distributed by PR Newswire on behalf of Global Finance Online

Contact details for all releases are only available to the media via PR Newswire for Journalists.

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john nichols said...

Western Union is usually used by scammers as they will not give details of the person that receive the funds so it makes police prosecution impossible

Always insist on paying by credit card or bank transfer.

If the payee will not accept forget them
Not worth the trouble

In my case the offer of 200% profit in 14 days

the is a saying

"If it sounds too good to be true it probably is" and is an obvious warning signal