Tuesday, December 27, 2011

France - Unemployment November an extra 30,000 looking for work. Overall unemployment figure to 12 year high of 9.3%

Published on Dec 26, 2011 by
http://www.euronews.net/ Unemployment in France was higher than many other European countries before the euro crisis began.

But in the last year, the number of people out of work has climbed by more than 5 percent.

New figures suggest in November alone, an extra 30,000 people were looking for work taking the overall unemployment figure to a 12 year high of 9.3 percent.

The under-25s and over-50s are the worst affected. 53-year-old Isabelle Léger is a former engineer who has been out of work for two years.

"Of course I'm very demoralised but what can I do?

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