Monday, June 6, 2016

#Ukraine - Trash Business: Escalating number of landfills endangers both environment, economy: UKRAINE TODAY

Published on 6 Jun 2016
Three firemen killed in the landslide at a Lviv region junkyard were laid to rest this weekend. The body of the fourth victim, an ecologist is yet to be found. The rescue operation had to be terminated due to the severely dangerous conditions at the Hrybovychi waste site.

The tragic incident certainly brought attention back to the systemic issues within Ukraine's recycling industry. According to ecologists, garbage sorting and recycling is nothing more than a myth to Ukrainians. Nearly all discarded stuff end up at landfills just like the one in Hrybovychi regardless whether it is glass, wood, or paper.

Ukraine does have one garbage recycling plant. Located in Kyiv, the facility that was built in 1986 continues to operate today, continuously converting waste to alternative energy sources.

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