Monday, May 30, 2016

#Iran - The Debate - Saudi Arabia Obstructionism: PressTV News Videos

Published on 29 May 2016
More than 8 months have passed since the last Hajj in Saudi Arabia has taken place. During Hajj of 2015, more than 2400 hajj pilgrims were killed due to a stampede and Saudi negligence. At least 460 Iranians were among those who were killed. Tens of other Iranian pilgrims were also killed in a crane crash in Mecca during last year’s Hajj. 

Still Saudi Arabia has not taken responsibility for the deaths and now another Hajj season is on its way in four months. This year’s Hajj will take place without the participation of Iranians who Riyadh has refused to guarantee their safety and to respect their rights. Many continue to ask why the Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia has the right to choose which Muslim can or can’t go to Hajj?

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