Saturday, May 7, 2016

#Europe - Integrating migrants key to strengthening EU's 'social system,' says expert: Pope Francis & #Putin´s views

Published on 6 May 2016
Integration policies for refugees vary from one European country to the next.

Euronews' _insiders_ programme spoke to Eugenio Ambrosi, who heads the European office of the International Organization for Migration, about the challenges of settling those who have fled their homes and arrived in the EU.

*Sophie Claudet, Euronews:* _"In your experience, what should be the bare minimum to help people integrate besides helping them learn the language and find a job. Should there be other things as w…

Published on 6 May 2016
Pope Francis has called for Europe to remember its founding values, as he received the Charlemagne Prize for his contribution to European unity.

In a speech heavily referencing Europe's past, the Pope asked 'What has happened to you, Europe?' He said remembering the past would 'free us from today’s temptation to build hastily on the shifting sands of immediate results, which may produce “quick and easy short-term political gains, but do not enhance human fulfilment”.

It comes as the EU deals w…

Published on 21 Sep 2015
Putin speaks on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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