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Sunday, July 3, 2016

#UK - London #Brexit protests draw tens of thousands: CCTV America - The Leadsom & Gove case? BBC News

Published on 2 Jul 2016
The protestors at Saturday’s March for Europe people here want a second referendum, saying the electorate didn't realize the full impact that Brexit would have.

BBC News 
Published on 3 Jul 2016
The energy minister and leading Leave campaigner, Andrea Leadsom, responded to accusations of hypocrisy, made in the Mail on Sunday, which referred to a speech she gave in 2013 - to the Hansard Society - warning about the dangers of leaving the EU. Speaking to Andrew Marr, she rejected the accusations of hypocrisy, and said she had argued for radical change of the European Union. On her bid to be the next Conservative leader and prime minister, she said: "The next person to lead this country has to somebody who believes in the opportunity of leaving the EU."

Published on 3 Jul 2016
Michael Gove has said he is standing to be the next leader of the Conservative Party because "I want to advance certain arguments and certain principles," agreeing that he had to make "some difficult decisions" but did them for the good of the country and his principles.

On Boris Johnson, Mr Gove said he "came to the conclusion reluctantly" after throwing his "heart and soul" into trying to persuade Mr Johnson to do that job, but he says it became clear "he could not do that".

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