Saturday, June 25, 2016

#Ukraine - What Next for Ukraine after Brexit: Visa-free regime is likely to be postponed: UKRAINE TODAY

Published on 25 Jun 2016
Great Britain is leaving the European Union. Despite numerous predictions on UK staying in the EU the citizens surprisingly voted to leave. London, Scotland, and Northern Ireland strived mainly for the European future, but the whole England in total along with Wales willing for Brexit predominated.

52% against 48 - this is the final result meaning the end to 43-year-long membership in the project of united Europe.

A good deal of European politicians already expressed their regret on such a decision. British Prime Minister David Cameron though voting for the EU said he accepts the people's opinion and declared his resign no later than mid-autumn.

Ukraine has its own interest in the referendum outcome. Now the Ukrainians should definitely forget about visa-free regime, according to Iryna Gerashchenko, one of Ukrainian deputies.

Additionally Russia may win a good deal on Great Britain leaving the European Union, since peace in Ukraine is supposedly set to become of less interest to Brussels.

And the member of Ukrainian delegation to PACE Volodymyr Ariyev is sure the next year Parliamentary Assembly will steadily lift Russia sanctions. The only one to instill optimism is the head of Ukraine's National Bank Valeriya Gontareva. She convinces Brexit will not affect the hryvnia currency rate.

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