Friday, June 24, 2016

#Ukraine - Mass Water Shortages and Poisonings in Ukraine: Sewage systems completely worn out: UKRAINE TODAY

Published on 23 Jun 2016
Ukraine is on verge of sanitary catastrophe. The majority of current sewerage system constructed in the Soviet times is totally worn out. Out-of-date tubes leak, thus absorbing numerous bacteria infecting the water supply systems. Intensified with the anomalous summer heat, a good deal of infections has already resulted in negative consequences.

The first to suffer were the residents of Izmail, a town in Odesa region in southern Ukraine. The infection outbreak started in mid-June when several hundreds of people turned at the same time for medical help, complaining about unknown enteric symptoms. In the following days the number of patients rose drastically, the doctors reported lack of hospital beds. Local authorities immediately closed all public eating places declaring an emergency state.

Ecologists claim the source of infection might be tap water, supposedly contaminated after heavy rain. Until now the residents do not risk to drink running water, choosing instead bottled water delivered from other places, despite it being expensive and difficult to purchase.

Another catastrophe happened on the opposite side of Ukrainian map. 50,000 residents of the city of Sumy in northern part of the country were left without water supply after the pumping station's breakdown. Shortly after it went out of order on Monday, June 20th, the authorities cut the water supply to avoid mass poisoning. Along with the numerous households regional children hospital, military hospital, retirement home, and several kindergartens had to deal with summer heat without running water.

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