Friday, June 3, 2016

#Syria - Inside Story - Is there still a political way out of Syria's crisis? Al Jazeera English

Published on 2 Jun 2016
Is there still a political way out of Syria's crisis?

The United Nations describes the humanitarian situation in Syria as unrelentingly distressing, and dire.

The agency says more than 13 million people need some form of aid, but the fighting is making it difficult for assistance to reach civilians.

France and Britain are pushing for airdrops, but the UN says that should be a last resort, and not a susbstitute for land deliveries.

It estimates more than half a million people are living under siege, but some groups put that figure at more than one million.

The UN has accused both the government and rebels of preventing aid delivery.

And with so many actors involved, and different agendas, is there still a political way out of the Syria crisis??

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Mohamad Katoub - Advocacy Manager for the Syrian American Medical Society

Ziad Majed - Assistant Professor of International Politics at the American University of Paris

Michael Horowitz - Lead author of a report on the Russian intervention in Syria

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