Thursday, June 9, 2016

George Soros Returns to Trading on Worries About Growth: TheStreet

Published on 9 Jun 2016
Trading legend George Soros is back to trading the markets and he's mostly bearish. The Wall Street Journal says the billionaire sees opportunity in various political and economic problems in the world. In particular, he's skeptical about the Chinese economy and the possibility of the break-up of the European Union if England votes to leave. Soros reportedly has sold stock and bought gold and gold miners. About 21 million self-driving cars are expected to be on the road world-wide by 2035, according to automotive research firm IHS automotive. Global sales are expected to reach 600,000by 2025. Disney ( ) is preparing for the opening of Shanghai Disney. The theme park doesn't open until June 16th but already crowds are forming at nearby restaurants and lakesides. Shanghai Disney is located in an area where 330 million people can reach it within 3 hours.

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