Saturday, June 4, 2016

#Brexit - Michael Gove / Faisal Islam Sky News EU Referendum Debate June 2016.

Published on 3 Jun 2016
Justice Secretary Michael Gove is grilled on his position for Britain to 'leave' the EU during this Sky-EU-Referendum-TV-debate. Broadcast live on Thursday 3nd June 2016.

Gove battled against some tough questions from Sky News journalist Faisal Islam and later by members of the public in the this big televised event of the 2016 Referendum campaign - but did he do enough?

00:00 to 23:30 - Michael Gove Interviewed by Sky's Faisal Islam.
26:10 to END - Michael Gove takes questions from audience.
Published on 2 Jun 2016
He's been criticised for not getting his Remain message across, but today Jeremy Corbyn delivered what he called the "overwhelming case" for staying in the European Union. The Labour Leader threw everything at the argument - from protection for workers to better beaches. But did he convince his critics he's thoroughly pro Europe? Our Political Editor Andy Bell reports.

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