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#Africa - The rise of Nigerian cinema #NollywoodWeek: FRANCE 24 English

Published on 3 Jun 2016

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In tonight’s edition: Ramsey Nouah talks Nollywood; Ghana remembers blast victims; and Paris activists protest against the Bolloré group.

In the French capital, the 4th edition of NollywoodWeek is well underway. Nollywood is the name given to Nigeria's popular film industry which produces no less than 1000 films per year. The rapid film production puts Nollywood behind Bollywood, but ahead of Hollywood. Nigerian actor Ramsey Nouah tells us what makes the sector so special.

Meanwhile, a year on from twin fire and flooding tragedies, Ghana has been remembering the 150 victims who lost their lives. An explosion erupted at a petrol station in the capital Accra, where dozens of people had been seeking shelter from floods, sparked by torrential rains. Charred corpses and wreckage of vehicles littered the street, following the accident. The government has promised to help those affected by the tragedy.
And in Paris, dozens of protesters gathered at the headquarters of the Bolloré group, who they accuse of exploiting land in Africa and Asian. The company Socfin, which is 39 percent owned by the Bolloré group, is believed to possess palm oil plantations in several African countries, including Liberia, Cameroon Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. Demonstrators called for an end to the monopoly on the continent's riches.

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