Friday, May 27, 2016

#USA - Why We're watching Alphabet: TheStreet

Published on 27 May 2016
A jury ruled that Google's use of API, or Application program interface, in its Android operating system in within fair use, despite Oracle's claims that it violated their patents. The APIs were first made available via Sun, which Oracle acquired in early 2010. Google has maintained its has fairly used Sun's promoted code to developed its own unique software. The decision by California's Northern District federal court was announced late Thursday, and could protect Alphabet shareholders as it now appears Google will not need to shell out the $9 billion Oracle had requested for use of the code. Oracle, however, is expected to appeal the decision. This is the latest battle between the two tech giants. Google won the first round in 2012, when a San Francisco court ruled that the Java APIs in question were not entitled to copyright. But the ruling was later reversed in 2014 in appellate court.
 ORACLE : Google Wins Software Case -- WSJ

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