Friday, May 13, 2016

#UK - 1000 Homes Evacuated After A 500 Pound Bomb Is Found At A School in Bath

Published on 12 May 2016
Emergency services have carried out a mass evacuation after a discovery of an unexploded World War Two bomb,which was found at a former junior school in the city of Bath.

Both Avon Friday 13th May 2016 Around a 1000 homes have been evacuated this evening (May 12) with many people using emergency rest centres set up by the council.

A police spokesman Sam Malone said that a 300-metre cordon had been set up around the former Royal High Junior School after police received a call about a device just before 5pm on Thursday.

The large device was unearthed by workers who were working on Landsdown road on the site of the bomb. It's thought that the 500lb unexploded bomb is from the Second World War.

A military Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team has been called in to assess the scene and cordoned-off the area was which was later widened 15 lorry loads of Specialists equipment and sand turned up just after 2am this morning. @UKNIP

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