Sunday, April 1, 2012

♡ Libra Daily stars for today 1 April 2012 -

At times in the past you've stood silently by while somebody agreed to an idea, offer or plan with virtually no discussion. And, obviously, you were amazed. But now that's exactly what you must do. Begin talking things over and within a short time you'll wonder how to extricate yourself from those discussions. 
  Your stars for the week beginning 01 April 2012
Certain issues involving those closest are worrying you. Tempting as it is to tackle them subtly now, you`re urged to say and do the minimum. Instead, allow Friday`s emotionally intense Libra Full Moon to bring matters to a head. This could make you anxious. Still, both you and others are more likely to say what you feel and, therefore, resolve your concerns once and for all.

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