Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Columbia - FARC losing ground to army with another 33 rebels killed last week / Ejército mata a 33 rebeldes de las FARC la semana pasada.

Published on Mar 28, 2012 by The Colombian authorities have been showing off the spoils of their latest military offensive against the Marxist FARC rebels.

36 bodies were brought out of the jungle after fierce fighting two days ago, and following a separate engagement last week in which another 33 rebels were killed.

The tide appears to be turning in the decades-long insurgency with popular support bleeding away from a FARC crippled by the loss of leaders and disintegrating into factions, robbing the movement of its previous control of entire regions of the country.

Now having decapitated the rebels, the army is switching to destroying strongholds. Last month the FARC said it would abandon kidnapping and hand over its last hostages in early April.

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